At Milestones Group, we are passionate about our work.

We strive hard to continue offering unmatched value for money to our clients. A common set of goals and values, shared by each and every member of the Milestones Group acts as a standard reference, and capacitates all of us to move into the future successfully:


We never accept anything as it is. We always encourage our people to be innovative in everything right from products and services to processes. We welcome everybody’s freedom to come up with efficient and innovative ideas, and passion to implement them.

  • Accountability

    Individuals, various departments, and the Group as a whole, all of us expect to be held accountable for our performance, proceedings and results, making sure the final outcome always meets expectations.

  • Ethics

    We have always been uncompromising in our honest approach, integrity and fairness.

  • Build Trust

    We make commitments in a responsible manner, and unfailingly keep our word. We always remain candid while building shared understanding.


To be a globally recognized as a competitive organization, providing value to our customers through continuous improvement, and to deliver global quality products and services at highly competitive prices with on-time deliveries!


To be a premier company in providing integrated Electrical and Sheet Metal Solutions to our customers, and also to be recognized as a leader in Electric Industry for Turnkey Projects, Switchboard Assembly and Sheet Metal Industry.